The Citizen Advocates Advisory Board gives advice to the Citizen Advocates Executive Director on all technical and strategic issues that occur during the operation of Citizen Advocates. The Advisory Board has a dual role: an internal role to assist in and advise on the developments that take place within Citizen Advocates, and an external role to liaise with the community. These roles are further detailed below.

1. Internal role

The Advisory Board is the primary source of expertise that can be drawn upon to lead Citizen Advocates activities, to serve on task forces when appropriate, and provide timely technical reviews of proposals that emerge from working groups.

The Advisory Board advises the Executive Director on all technical and strategic deliverables as presented by the Executive Director.

2. External role

Advisory Board members are ambassadors of Citizen Advocates. Members also are expected to serve as a voice of their constituent community to raise issues in Citizen Advocacy, and to assist in communicating the results of Citizen Advocates activities back to the community.

3. Advisory Board operation

The Advisory Board operates by mailing list (closed discussion group with public archive), telephone conferences and other forms of electronic communication.

The Advisory Board has no formal voting procedures and operates on a principle of consultation, striving towards consensus. The Executive Director, if it goes against consensus of the Advisory Board, will do so with appropriate explanation and justification.

4. Appointment of Advisory Board members

The Advisory Board serves at the discretion of the Executive Director in consultation with the Board of Directors.

The Advisory Board is chaired and convened by the Executive Director.

5. Commitment of Advisory Board members

Members of the Advisory Board commit to the stated mission and principles of Citizen Advocacy. Members are expected to be involved on a regular basis in discussions of the Advisory Board, and participating in other scheduled communications (e-mail, teleconferences) that are provided.

6. Term of Service

Advisory Board members will be appointed for 3-year renewable terms. Advisory Board members may step down if their professional or personal circumstances so require.