If you’re interested in becoming an advocate, please consider the following opportunities:

Partner: Ann – West Bend

Advocate: A woman 40-60 years old that is interested in helping Ann become more involved in the community.  Ann is interested in learning new things and could use a ride and encourager to try out some of these new things (like golfing, skating, swimming).  Ann enjoys the county fair, dairy farms, computers and cross stich.  She loves to figure out how things work.  Trips to the hardware store, walks around the neighborhood, working on her computer, visits to the fair or maybe a farm would be great activities to do with Ann.  An advocate would need to have a calm personality and be able to help keep Ann calm when an activity becomes stressful.  Ann likes routine and needs to know what is expected before and during a visit or outing.

Partner:  Donald  (69) – West Bend

Advocate:  Someone that is patient and caring.  Donald would like someone to go “bumming” with.  He enjoys shopping, going out to eat, really he is up for anything that will get him out of the house.  When at home he spends most of his time watching game shows.  He would love the opportunity to build a relationship with someone and be able to get out from in front of the tv a bit more often.

Partner: Keith (60) – West Bend

Advocate: A man or woman (or both) close to Keith’s age that is active in the community and has room for a new friend to join in the activity!  There is not much that Keith doesn’t enjoy doing.  Watching sports, listening to music, going to shows, going out to eat, fishing, bowling, Keith loves to do it all!  He is also content to sit and watch people around him.

For further information contact Jessica Frederick at  or call 262-334-3384