Our CA CORe program events are open to the community ages 18+. Events are designed for all abilities to enjoy. Community Volunteers will be introduced to attendees with disabilities so that new friendships can be made. If you are interested being a community volunteer at one of our events, please contact Leah at citizenadvocatescore@gmail.com or check us out on the Volunteer Center website.

Every other week beginning March 21st we will be hosting an event for young adults and up! Events will cycle through activities such as art, movies, walking, real-life skills, music, games, and sports. Each week will be different so keep an eye on our Facebook pages and website updates!

Every month we will be hosting a big event for all ages to get together as a community and enjoy different activities as well! Contact Leah at: Citizenadvocatescore@gmail.com for more information about large group activities.

Calendars are posted on the CA CORe Small Groups page, and will be updated as YMCA dates are solidified. Feel free to download the calendars to track our events! These calendars will provide you with the dates and times for our events, and we will be sure to post on social media and all of our event pages, including the website, with the specific activities for each day!