What is Advocacy?

P1190591Advocacy means to:

*Promote, advance, push, further
*Representative of a person’s needs
*Representative of a person’s interests as if own
*Representative of a person’s hopes, desires and dreams as if own
*One who intercedes on behalf of another
*One who defends a principle
*To plead in favor of, defend by argument
*Synonyms:  support, uphold, champion, back, defend, justify, promote, advance

What does it mean to be an advocate?

Advocates are willing to begin a relationship with someone new that is sometimes not included in community life. Advocates are simply asked to share their time and talents with someone – someone they wouldn’t usually cross paths with.  They can help partners continue to live with their families by supporting their parents in a variety of ways.  Advocates help partners become accepted into neighborhood schools, activities and community life.  They share hare part of themselves through freely giving relationships as friends and committed allies.  As Advocates they enhance the self-esteem and quality of life for partners.

Who can be an Advocate?

Advocates can be individuals or groups, students or retired, male or female, who enjoy spending time with other people and have a desire to build a relationship with someone new.  You can be an advocate!

Who are Partners?

Individuals of any age with developmental disabilities who need advocates to: prevent isolation from the community,
encourage community friendships and enhance meaningful personal relationships, mentor and assist with life decisions.

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