Your donation is one way that you can be directly involved in keeping the Citizen Advocates program a vibrant and growing program in Washington County.

On a monthly basis we meet with groups of students at Silverbrook, Badger & Hartford High School and Kewaskum Middle School. Our respite group meets monthly serving over 30 families that have children with disabilities.  Our connections matches and CORe program continue to make a difference in the lives of adults with disabilities.

In order to continue to do these great activities with youth in Washington County, we need your help!

Make your donation today!

Sign up now to sponsor a month of respite, an ice cream party for our school based program, craft supplies or new games.


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1Sponsor One Respite night$200.00
2Sponsor One month of School Activities$100.00
3Sponsor Adult activities$50.00
4Sponsor an Ice Cream party for one school$25.00
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