Dave and Ed have been together for over ten years. Since Dave met Ed, a shy teenager at the time, they have spent many days together; from trips to the annual Iola car show to many other community and family events. Dave and Ed are friends and their relationship is solid.

When David met Ed in 1999 Ed had difficulty setting priorities in his life, to make plans and work through the tasks needed to realize those plans. He also had a difficult time verbalizing his hopes for the future or even imagining what his future might be like. Ed needed someone to help him discover those priorities and find a way to plan in an effective and relational way.

Ed cares about what people think about him; especially his peers. He would like to be seen as a leader, someone people look up to. His advocate, David, has discovered this challenge and committed himself to helping Ed become that leader he has always wanted to be.

Mark Brunner

Executive Director

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