Often times Citizen Advocacy matches are made not only on comparable interests and where folks live, but also on making sure that the age-span between partner and advocate is not too great. While this might be the norm, it’s not always the fact. Take Emil and Tim. Even though they’re separated by over thirty years in age, a common bond based on mutually shared interests trumped age considerations. Emil and Tim are well matched.

Tim met Emil a little over a year ago and they hit it off right away. Emil and his wife Pat live out in the country only a few miles away from Tim; they were already neighbors and didn’t know it. That was a plus. But, what really gave this a match the potential to grow and flourish as the months and years go by is this – Tim loves fishing and Emil has a pond. And, Tim loves flowers and gardens and Emil and Pat have an abundance of both.

In a way, the fact that these neighbors have come together through Citizen Advocacy is symbolic. Opportunities to share our lives with others, especially those, like Tim, who may be isolated and looking for friendship, are all around us. It may be a neighbor or a co-worker. It’s really just a matter of opening our eyes and our hearts to the needs of others. Thank you Emil and Pat!

Mark Brunner

Executive Director

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