Our programs are unique because of our volunteers!

Our Fusion group meets each month on the first Tuesday of each month at the West Bend Library. Come join us to sing, dance and play music. Volunteers are asked to join in for the fun – more people mean more fun!! All ages are welcome!

Our Respite Group is looking for middle and high school volunteers! Volunteers are asked to hang out with another student that has a disability (or a sibling). Play basketball in the gym or puzzles, games and coloring in the cafeteria. Everyone sits down to eat pizza during the event. Our target volunteer is middle school and high schoolers, but families and college students are welcome to join us! Could be a good opportunity for youth groups, scout groups and other groups looking for volunteer opportunities.

Bingo is a new monthly event that happens at Trinity Church one Monday a month at 3:30. Volunteers play along and help those near them play the game. Get to know the people you are sitting with and cheer them on!

Hearts and Crafts happens each month at The Hub coffee shop on Saturday morning from 10-12. Each month we make a craft that is then donated back into the community. We have made thank you cards, beaded fish, pet toys, Christmas ornaments and window decorations. Volunteers join in on making the crafts and help and get to know those around the table. All are welcome to join, perfect for families, scout groups, all ages are welcome.

If you are interested in learning more about volunteering – please see our volunteer opportunities on the Volunteer Center website! Descriptions of each opportunity are listed as well as the ability to register. If you have additional questions, please feel free to email us at edcawash@gmail.com