Over the years many in the public have often had a problem with our name, “Citizen Advocacy.” It seems that it’s natural to say “Citizen(s)” Advocacy. In fact, I corrected someone about that the other day. The plural just roles off the tongue more easily than the singular.

When we were looking for an advocate for Les late last year, frankly, we didn’t have the plural in mind either. But, when we ran into the Cedar Creek Train Club, that all changed. Les loves trains and during a recent move his train set mysteriously disappeared. It was Les’s prize possession and he missed it dearly. Les had precious few possessions other than his train. Living with a developmental disability and no friends or family, life has also been difficult for Les. He needed a friend (singular) and we found him friends (plural). Truly a Citizens’ Advocacy match.

Les is now attending the Cedar Creek club meetings at Lamm’s Gardens in Jackson whenever he can. He’s fitting right in with the rest of the club members whose passion for trains is just the right ticket for Les. At least in this one case, I guess Citizens’ Advocacy is perfectly acceptable.

Mark Brunner

Executive Director

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